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Servicing the Commercial Real Estate Industry and Their Tenants for Over 25 Years

We provide the full range of commercial construction services with the highest levels of craftsmanship and honor. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, budget and timeline. We also work hard to earn – and keep – your trust by transparently and consistently delivering on our promises. 


Tenant Improvements

Pre-Construction & Estimating

Commercial Design Build

General Construction

Construction Management

Expansion & Downsizing


Industrial & Manufacturing

Office & Warehouse


Retail & Services



Testimonials From our Partners

Capital Partners has over 10M SF of Industrial and over 450 tenants, we trust our construction work and problem solving with The hth华体会首页 Group as we have 6-10 projects running at all times.  The hth华体会首页 Group team from top to bottom delivers on time, on budget and most importantly to Capital Partners a quality service and product that our tenants are delighted with.  Our valued partnership with The hth华体会首页 Group allows us to serve our tenants in the highest level with their solution-oriented team.

Jason Simek, Managing Partner

The hth华体会首页 Group is Voted One of The Best Industrial Contractors in Minneapolis!!

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